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35 ACP countries sign an interim EPA with the EU
The European Commission has published on 18 December 2007 the regulations establishing Economic Partnership Agreement with the ACP countries. [31/12/07]

Mauritius-Pakistan Preferential Trade Agreement becomes operational [Nov.07]

Réforme de l'industrie sucrière - Dans un document de synthèse de ses propositions, qui ont été soumises au gouvernement, la MSPA rappelle les grands axes du plan de réforme sucrier et les mesures d'accompagnement pour Maurice pour la période 2007-2017, et explique ses propositions relatives à l'octroi des terres, l'ouverture de l'actionnariat dans la nouvelle industries cannière et la production énergétique. [26/11/07]

AGM of the Mauritius Sugar Syndicate - Address by Hon Arvin Boolell, Minister of Agro industry and Fisheries [27/9/07]

Strategic Options for the non-sugar sector [30/8/07]

World Association of Beet and Cane Growers (WABCG) 9th World Conference, 9-11 July 2007 [read more]

Growing bio-fuel demand underpinning higher agricultural prices, says joint OECD-FAO report - Increased demand for bio-fuels is causing fundamental changes to agricultural markets that could drive up world prices for many farm products, according to a new report published by the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) and the United Nations’ Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO). [4/7/07]

World Sugar News - June 2007 [read]

Annual General Meeting of the Mauritius Chamber of Agriculture - Address by Hon. Arvin Boolell, Minister of Agro industry and Fisheries [read]

Assemblée Générale Annuelle - Discours du Président sortant, M. Denis Pilot [lire]

Budget National 2007-2008 - Réactions de la Chambre d'Agriculture sur les mesures budgetaires annoncées pour le secteur sucre [lire]

10e Conférence ministérielle ACP sur le sucre - les travaux de cette conférence ont surtout porté sur l'offre de l'UE en date du 4 avril 2007 et les nombreuses zones d'ombre qu'il convient d'éclaircir [lire]

World Sugar News - March 2007 [read more] 

Effets du cyclone Gamede sur la campagne sucrière 2007 [read more]

National Assembly debates over the Sugar Industry Efficiency (Amendment) Bill - The Minister of Agro-Industry and Fisheries, Dr Arvin Boolell, presented the Sugar Industry Efficiency (Amendment) Bill for second reading at the National assembly. [read more 1/3/07]

97% of sugar exports sold on the EU market in 2006. [read more 15/2/07]  

Sugar Cane Crop 2006 MSIRI reports and other press releases on the crop [read more]

Ministerial Cabinet decision of 17/11/06 - The Ministry of Agro Industry & Fisheries would submit the Ethanol Development Strategy (EDS) for Mauritius 2006-2015 to the European  Commission  Cabinet has taken note that the Ministry of Agro Industry & Fisheries would submit the Ethanol Development Strategy (EDS) for Mauritius 2006 – 2015 to the European Commission as a requirement of the pre-condition on the energy component of the Multi-Annual Adaptation Strategy Action Plan 2006-2015.

The policy package being proposed for ethanol development strikes a delicate balance between national interest, regionalism, the obligation to comply with the pre-condition of the Financing Proposal of the Accompanying Measures, the need to ensure that the sugar sector through the sub-clusters remains viable and sustainable in the long term, the essential protection and preservation of the environment, and the necessity to optimise the synergies between stakeholders of the sugar industry through inter alia equity participation. Ethanol and bagasse electricity development and the large scale sale of value-added sugars are expected to significantly reduce the level of foreign exchange losses as a result of the reform of the EU Sugar Regime.

MSIRI releases agro economic study on difficult areas under cane

In spite of the fact that the 36% reduction in the EU sugar price will adversely affect sugar production in the difficult areas for sugar cane, there is need to preserve some of these threatened cane lands (namely 4 642 hectares situated on seaward mountain slopes) given that their abandonment would result in severe environmental, social and economic damages. The MSIRI proposes financial assistance for plant cane and cost rationalization measures in order to enable such areas to remain economically viable and continue fulfilling their multifunctional role.  

Full report on the MSIRI website.


Ministerial Cabinet decision of 27/10/06 Cabinet has agreed to the terms and conditions for the closure of St Felix Sugar Factory.Cabinet has also taken note of the financial, legislate and administrative actions being taken for the implementation of the Multi-Annual Adaptation Strategy and Action Plan 2006 – 2015. 


Cabinet has further taken note of arrangements being put in place to meet the conditionalities for the disbursement of €6,543 million from Accompanying Measures and € 4,557 million from reliquats under 9th European Development Fund (EDF).


Ministerial Cabinet decision of 21/4/06 - Cabinet has agreed to the Multi-Annual Adaptation Strategy - Action Plan 2006-2015 for the sugar sector

In the context of the reduction of the intervention price of sugar starting in 2006 and the adoption by the European Parliament and the European Union Council of Regulation 266/2006, Cabinet has agreed to the ‘Multi-Annual Adaptation Strategy – Action Plan 2006-2015’ being submitted to the European Commission for financial and technical assistance which should be forwarded by 29 April 2006.

The Action Plan, which has been worked out in consultation with all stakeholders in the sugar sector will enable the establishment of the Mauritian Sugar Cane Cluster, with the operation of very efficient and sizeable sugar factories, the production of renewable environment friendly energy, including ethanol, the production of different types of sugar to optimize the use of bagasse and molasses and strengthening the commonality of interest of millers, planters and other stakeholders.

After the implementation of the Action Plan, it is expected that (i) sugar production will be around 520,000 tonnes with 20% coming from small planters; (ii) the regrouping of small planters will lead to increased yield by 20% and reduction of operational cost by 20%; and (iii) sugar will become an invaluable asset in terms of production of energy with the potential for production of high value added products.

National Budget 2006-2007 - Proposals of the Mauritius Chamber of Agriculture, the Mauritius Sugar Syndicate and the Mauritius Sugar Producers' Association [full report]


Ministerial Cabinet decision of 31/3/06 - Cabinet has agreed to the proposed closure of St Felix sugar factory as from the end of the 2006 crop

Taking into consideration the oncoming challenges in the sugar sector, more specifically with the 36% cut in the price of sugar as from 2009, and the need to take comprehensive, effective, and early response to better safeguard the interests of all the stakeholders in the industry and of the country at large, Cabinet has agreed to the proposed closure of St Felix as from the end of the 2006 crop, subject to the approved conditions in respect of the employees and the planters as well as to the other relevant conditions of the Blue Print and to the establishment of the Savannah sugar cluster being realized before 2009.


National Potato Committee (NPC) recommends boosting up production (posted on 23/03/06)

The NPC has recommended that the potato production target be increased to 17,000-18,000 tonnes as from this year. This tonnage represents an additional volume of some 3,000 tonnes over the annual average production of 14,000 tonnes obtained during the past seven years. The main issue concern land availability. An acreage of about 150 ha would be needed in order to produce this additional tonnage. In this respect, the collaboration of the sugar corporate sector is being sought.


It is hence expected that with this new production target, the local market would benefit from a longer period of supply of potatoes (from August up to February of next year), while reliance on imported potatoes would be reduced.  This is all the more important since the cost of the imported produce has been constantly on the rise during the past years. Local potato consumption is of the order of 24,000 tonnes per year.  Read more on the website of the Ministry of Agroindustry and Fisheries


Sugar Cane Crop 2005. MSIRI reports and other press releases on the crop [read]

Mauritius submits to the EU Commission its action plan for the sugar cane industry 

The Minister of Agroindustry, Dr Arvin Boolell, has submitted, on 7th December 2005, to the new Head of the EU delegation in Mauritius, Mrs Claudia Wiedey-Nippold, the action plan detailing the reform projects of the sugar industry in order to face the unprecedented challenges it is confronted to, namely the drastic fall in EU sugar prices. Indeed Government has identified, in the Roadmap for the Mauritius sugar cane industry , the objectives to be reached in the next five years, as well as the funding requirement (Rs 25 billion) of the restructuring projects.


This funding would be sourced under the EU Action Plan on Accompanying Measures for the ACP Sugar Protocol beneficiary countries, in which the EU acknowledges that the sugar regime reform in the EU will lead to significant adjustment needs for the ACP. The document set out the broad lines of a plan to support ACP adjustment and proposes support on a country-specific basis, along three main axes, namely (i) enhancing the competitiveness of the sugar sector where it is sustainable, (ii) promoting the diversification of sugar dependent areas and (iii) addressing broader adaptation needs.


Ministerial Cabinet decision of October 21, 2005

Cabinet has agreed to the Sugar Industry Efficiency (Amendment) Bill being introduced into the National Assembly. The objects of the Bill are inter alia to exempt a land owner from the need to apply for a land conversion permit where he was, on 30 September 2005, the owner of an agricultural land of an extent not exceeding one hectare (10,000 square metres) and from the payment of any morcellement fee, land transfer tax, capital gains tax and transcription fee. A Coordinating Committee would be set up at the Ministry of Agro Industry & Fisheries to look into the administrative arrangements for the implementation on the Bill. Moreover, all applications received from small land owners would be dealt with in accordance with the provisions of the Bill.


Cabinet decisions of September 2, 2005 concerning the sugar sector

  • Road Map for the Mauritius Sugar Cane Industry for the 21st Century Cabinet has agreed to the Road Map for the Mauritius Sugar Cane Industry for the 21st Century which revolves around the following main objectives : (i) promotion of fast track modernization and diversification of the sugar sector to convert the sugar industry into an efficient cane industry geared towards the production of sugar, high value-added sugar, by-products and energy (ii) ensuring the survival of small planters and investing in derocking and irrigation schemes for small planters over the next 5 years; (iii) promoting optimal use of bagasse, molasses and an increased production of special sugars; and (iv) ensure broader participation of small planters in sugar milling as well as in energy production and make it easier for small planters to purchase and sell agricultural lands.
  • EU Sugar Regime reform As part of the media campaign to sensitise the EU on the negative impact of the proposed reform of the EU Sugar Regime on Sugar Protocol countries, Mauritius has been chosen for a Press trip as it is the largest sugar supplier under the Sugar Protocol and where the multifunctional role of the sugar cane industry is most visible. The aim of the campaign is to use public opinion and other stakeholders to influence policy makers to take on board the plight of the ACP Sugar Protocol Countries when deciding on the level of cuts in price and the period of implementation, the two important planks of the reform proposals.[10/11/05]

WTO News - April to July 2005 more

[22/8/05] World Sugar News - April-June 2005 more

Commissioning of a consultancy firm to examine the functions of all cess-financed institutions

Cabinet decision taken on  July 29, 2005 - The Cabinet has agreed to the commissioning of a consultancy firm to examine the functions of all institutions financed from cess money and advise on the appropriate number of institutions required to promote the development of the sugarcane industry and co-products on an efficient basis, with particular reference to the provision of services relating to land preparation and cultivation, marketing and production diversification and research and extension.   


Government 2005-2010 Programme (posted on 4/8/05) More 

[5/4/05] Government National Budget. Measures announced for the agricultural sector. more

[17/2/05] National Budget 2005/2006. The sugar industry would need a Special Funding Facility to provide immediate support for the financing of its immediate investment. More


[17/12/04] Debriefing Session on Sugar Cane Crop 2004. Provisional results presented at the debriefing sesion organised by the Chamber show that about 572 200 tonnes of sugar, obtained from 5.3M tonnes of cane, at an extraction rate of 10.84% have been producted. More

[30/11/04] Mauritius Sugar Authority undertakes study on the benefits derived from the Sugar Protocol. More

[23/11/04] Challenges and Developments in the Mauritian Sugarcane Industry -  Paper presented by Mr. J. Li Yuen Fong, General Secretary Designate of the Chamber, at a workshop organized by the Cane Resources Network for Southern Africa (CARENSA) and the University of Mauritius on 17-18 November 2004 on “Sugar Cane biomass as a renewable energy resource”. More

[18/10/04] WTO Panel on the EU sugar regime. The Dispute Settlement Body of the WTO has released its report on the dispute on the EU sugar regime on 15 October 2004. More

 [11/10/04] Reform of the EU sugar regime. ACP submission on the European Commission's proposals on the sugar regime. More

[11/10/04] ACP Workshop on the EU Commission's proposals on the sugar regime. The ACP states signatory to the Sugar Protocol hold the unanimous view that the EU Commission's proposals on sugar, if adopted in their current form, would devastate their sugar industries with severe socio-economic consequences on their respective countries. More 

[22/09/04] Nominations M. Mrinal Roy, actuel Directeur du Syndicat des Sucres, a été désigné pour succéder à M. Jean-Claude Tyack au poste de General Overseas Representative de la Chambre d’Agriculture et du Syndicat des Sucres à Londres. M. Jean Noël Humbert, Secrétaire Général de la Chambre d'Agriculture a été nommé par le Comité du Syndicat des Sucres pour succéder à M. Roy à la direction du Syndicat à partir du 1 juillet 2005. M. Jean Li Yuen Fong, Adjoint au Secrétaire Général, lui succédera. More

[13/9/04] WTO Panel on EU sugar regime. The WTO Panel on the EU sugar regime officially presented its report to the parties of the dispute on 8 September 2004. More

[30/08/04] Proposals for an accelerated reform of the Mauritian sugar sector. The Mauritius Chamber of Agriculture and the Mauritius Sugar Syndicate have submitted to Government on 26 August, a joint report proposing measures for an accelerated reform of the Mauritian sugar sector. More

[30/08/04] 1853-2003. The Chamber of Agriculture has launched a CD-ROM and a DVD on the occasion of its 150th anniversary. More

[30/06/04] Assemblée Générale Annuelle de la Chambre d'Agriculture. Discours du Président, M. Cyril Mayer.

[24/06/04] Entre 2005 et 2007 - Menace de réduction du prix du sucre. (Le Mauricien du 24/06/04)

[31/5/04] New Appointment at the Chamber More

[5/05/04]  Report on the Tea Industry. More

[19/04/04] Challenge of the EU sugar regime. According to WTO procedures and timetable for resolving disputes, it might be November next that we would know about the outcome of the dispute opposing Brazil, Australia and Thailand to the EU, if there is no appealMore 

[12/04/04] EU-funded programme Grants Financial Support for Agricultural Diversification Study. More  

[2/04/04] Dispute on the EU sugar regime - Mauritius Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance, Hon. P.K. Jugnauth, ACP Ministerial Spokesman for sugar, pleads in favour of the maintenance of the current EU sugar regime which is being challenged by Brazil, Thailand and Australia More   

[21/01/04] Constitution of the WTO panel to examine the case - The WTO has appointed the members of the panel established in August 2003 at the request of Brazil, Australia and Thailand, which are challenging the EU common market organisation for sugar. More


[[18/12/03] 2003 Sugar Production reached 536 900 tonnes Provisional results presented at the debriefing session organised by the Chamber at the end of the harvest show that some 536 900 tonnes of sugar, obtained from 5.2m tonnes of cane, at an extraction rate of 10.33%, have been produced. The 2003 sugar production is among the lowest of the past decade.

[28/11/03] Symposium on Agriculture - From 29 to 30th October 2003, in the context of its 150th anniversary celebration, the Chamber of Agriculture organised a symposium on the theme "Agriculture in Mauritius: Evolution and Prospects". More