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(posted on 21/5/09)




Foreword of the President, Mr Jean Ribet  (pdf 733 KB) 


Chapter 1 Agriculture in the national economy (pdf 321KB)

Introduction, Sectoral analysis, Agricultural exports, Exchange rates, Government budget, Conclusion


Chapter 2 Sugar Industry (pdf 234KB)

The 2007 Sugar campaign, The 2008 Sugar Crop, Sugar sales and Sugar prices, Multi-Annual Adaptation Strategy (MAAS) 2006-2015, Price of sugar on the Local Market, The International Scene, By-products of the sugar industry, Chemical Fertilizers


Chapter 3 Other Agricultural Industries and Crops (pdf 404KB) 

Tea Industry, Tobacco Industry, Agricultural Diversification, Food crop production, Table potato, Onion, Palm heart, Meat and milk production, Poultry, Animal feed, Milk marketing Scheme


Chapter 4 Environment and Natural Resources  (pdf 306 KB)

Agriculture and Land use, Water Resources, Water Resources Management, The Maurice Ile Durable Fund, National Energy Policy, National Environment Policy, Climate change


Chapter 5 Trade, Development and Cooperation  (pdf 257KB)

WTO, The Economic Partnership Agreements, The Trade and Investment Framework Agreement (TIFA), Other regional developments  


Chapter 6 Research and Scientific progress  (in collaboration with the Mauritius Sugar Industry Research Institute) (pdf 181KB)

Sugar Cane, Crop Diversification, Environment and Natural Resources


Chapter 7 Human Resources (pdf 326KB) 

Employment in Agriculture and in the Sugar Industry, Tripartite Wage Negotiations, Industrial Relations between MSPA and Trade Union, Regional Training Centre


Chapter 8 General (pdf 674 KB)

Participation in international and regional forums, Visitors from abroad, Administration, Obituary


Representatives of the Chamber on external boards and committees