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 2. Résultats provisoires de la récolte sucrière 2008

Ces résultats restent relativement proches de la dernière estimation officielle établie en octobre dernier, soit une production sucrière totale de 452 062 tonnes (contre une estimation de 460 000 tonnes) et une production de canne de 4 528 225 tonnes. La déception provient du taux d’extraction final, soit 9,98% seulement, le taux le plus bas jamais enregistré depuis 1960.[12/2/09]

Résultats finalisés et Analyse statistique [11/6/09]



2. MSIRI Sugar Cane Crop - status as at end November

The generally rainy weather experienced during the month of November had prevented cane dessication but had hampered ripening. No major change has been observed in cane productivity apart from a slight drop in the Centre and a slight increase in extraction. Thus sugar productivity progressed only marginally, by 0.04 TSH since end--October. This trend is expected to maintain itself until the end of the crop season with sugar production close to the estimated 460 000 tonnes.  3/12/08 [full report - pdf]

3. MSIRI Sugar Cane Crop Report - status as at end October

Weather during October has been relatively dry with above normal minimum and maximum temperatures in most sectors.  Such weather together with the residual soil moisture still present as a result of the high rainfall received during September, has not been conducive to ripening but prevented cane desiccation in the rainfed crops.  This is reflected in the cane productivity that has maintained itself during the past month.  No significant change in cane productivity is expected until the end of the crop season and sugar production is still in line with the last estimates of 460 000 tonnes. 5/11/08 [full report - pdf]

4 L'estimation de la production sucrière maintenue à 460 000 tonnes.

 Les conditions climatiques de septembre ont été défavorable à la maturation de la canne; il est attendu que le taux d'extraction ne sera pas meilleur que celui atteint en 2007 (10,31%). Cependant, étant donné un meilleur rendement au champ, la production de canne est légèrement revue à la hausse, estimée cette fois à 4,5 millions de tonnes (4,2 millions en 2007). [communiqué 9/10/08]

5. MSIRI Sugar Cane Crop Report - status as at end September

The better cane yield recorded since the start of the crop season has been maintained up to now. However, extraction rates have not followed the expected trend and by end-September were lagging by 0.24o on last year’s performance at the same period.  The excessive rainfall of September 2008, while being detrimental to further ripening, will be beneficial in preventing cane desiccation during the usually dry months expected till the end of harvest.

Thus sugar productivity is expected to maintain itself at a higher level than last year with national production close to the crop estimates made. [full report]

6.  MSIRI Sugar Cane Crop Report - status as at end August

Weather during the month of August had not been to the detriment of cane productivity and ripening. Harvest results have been so far in line with official estimates of the 2008 crop. [full report]

7. La production sucrière maintenue à 460,000 tonnes

L’estimation de la production sucrière est maintenue à 460 000 tonnes, soit l’hypothèse haute de la première estimation officielle de cette année. La production de canne est quant à elle toujours estimée à environ 4,4 millions de tonnes. [8/8/08]

8. MSIRI Sugar Cane Crop Report - status as at end July

Overall weather has been favourable for ripening during the month of July and the gap with last year’s data has narrowed.  This trend is expected to continue for at least two to three weeks as the mild water stress favourable to maturation maintains itself.  Sugar productivity is thus expected to be higher than that of last year by a margin that will bring production to within the range given for the initial crop estimate. [full report]

9. MSIRI Sugar Cane Crop Report - status as at end June

Excessive rainfall, reduced solar radiation, below normal maximum and generally higher minimum temperatures, during the month of June have not been conducive to both cane growth and sucrose accumulation. Harvest having just started, forthcoming weather conditions will determine the final yield particularly with respect to extraction rate. [full report]

10. MSIRI Sugar Cane Crop Report - status as at end May

Growth as expected receded during the month of May in the East and in the Centre which comprise higher altitude areas than the other three sectors.  Growth will further recede when flowering, which is usually more profuse in the East, South and Centre namely, will also bring a halt to growth.  Thus it will be difficult for the cane to recover to reach the normal height.

Moreover, the unfavourable weather, especially the above normal rainfall recorded in all sectors, has not been conducive to sucrose accumulation and ripening [...] However, there is still some five months for maturation and the situation may change in the light of a favourable winter season.  [full report]

11 MSIRI Sugar Cane Crop Report - status as at end April

Weather during April 2008, caracterized by deficient rainfall with higher maximum temperatures, below normal minimum temperatures and a favourable solar radiation regime, has promoted sucrose accumulation to the detriment of growth.  This is reflected in the generally lower elongation rates recorded during the past month and relatively elevated sucrose contents of the cane. Based on the stalk height data recorded to date, island cane productivity is expected to be at least comparable to that of 2007 but below the normal.  The 2007 crop will be heavily dependent on extraction rates, which will be determined by weather conditions experienced during the ripening phase.[full report]

12 MSIRI Sugar Cane Crop Report - status as at end March 2008

Weather during the month of March has been on the whole very favourable, especially the good rainfall regime, to cane growth as reflected by the above normal rates of elongation recorded in all sugarcane sectors. Thus, total cane height has completely overtaken, with an advantage of 4.5% (7.1 cm), that corresponding to the same period last year. However compared with the mean of the five best cane yielding years of the last ten years (normal), total cane height is still lagging behind by 13.8 cm (7.8%). With the soil moisture reserve still plentiful, another fortnight of vigorous growth may be anticipated, and may well enable full recovery in terms of total cane height compared to the normal.

The torrential rains received on 26 March 2008 have affected mostly the plant cane crops recently planted and thus will not negatively affect the 2008 crop which to-date tends to be a normal one in terms of cane productivity. [full report]

13 MSIRI Sugar Cane Crop Report - status as at end February 2008

Despite the relatively conducive weather experienced during February, a slower growth rate was observed compared to those of both 2007 and the normal.  (...) Thus the setback relative to total height of the 2007 crop and to the normal has not changed with a difference of about 15 cm, representing about 12% still persisting.  This is a cause for concern as usually the growth rate generally recedes as from the month of March.  Complete recovery may prove difficult but is still possible if very favourable weather conditions are experienced until the end of the elongation phase. [full report]

13. MSIRI Sugar Cane Crop Report - Status as at end January 2008

The overall dry weather experienced during November and December coupled with the relative late ending of harvest in some sectors prevented normal crop development and delayed the onset of elongation, especially for fields harvested after mid-october. Total cane height at the end of January was generally lower than the normal and that of crop 2007 at the same period. However the recorded elongation setback can still be ompensated for if favorable weather conditions prevail during the remaining period of growth. [full report]

14. MSIRI Sugar Cane Crop Report - Status as at end December 2007

Even though cumulative rainfall for the period October to December was above that recorded during the same period for the 2007 crop, stalk height was lagging behind that of last year at the same period in the North, South and Centre. (...) On average for the island, cane height is behind both, that of 2006 and the normal.  However, this delayed growth can still be compensated for if weather conducive to growth prevails in the coming months and no extreme climatic conditions are experienced. [full report]