Challenge of the EU sugar regime

> Challenge of the EU sugar regime

(posted on 2 April 2004)

Dispute against the EC sugar regime: ACP countries express concern about the survival of their sugar industries

Mauritius Deputy Prime minister and Minister of Finance, Hon. P.K. Jugnauth, ACP Ministerial Spokesman for sugar, pleads in favour of the maintenance of the current European Communities (EC) sugar regime which is being challenged by Brazil, Thailand and Australia. Minister Jugnauth made his statement on behalf of ACP third parties at the first substantive meeting with the WTO panel that is examining the case.

The Sugar Protocol, which regulates sugar trade between ACP countries and the EC, forms an integral part of the EC sugar regime and is a source of revenue and living for fragile and vulnerable ACP states, whose economy and society would hence be severely imperilled should the panel find in favour of the claims of the complainants. Actually exports of the ACP sugar supplying states to the EC (1.6 M tonnes) represent 3.6% of world sugar trade and a mere 0.8% of world agricultural trade.

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