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The Mauritius Chamber of Agriculture is administered by a Bureau of seven members elected at the Annual General Meeting. The Bureau is at the core of the Chamberís activities and is composed of a President, two vice - presidents and four members.

The rules of the Chamber were amended in 1972 in order to increase the level of representation of planters, of plantersí associations and of non-sugar interests on the Bureau. Hence, it is agreed that three out of the seven Bureau seats are allotted to representatives of planters.

Tradition has it that former presidents are invited to attend Bureau meetings to ensure continuity in the administration of the Chamber. The Directors of sister-institutions are also invited to attend Bureau meetings in order to co-ordinate more effectively the actions of the sugar industry.

2009 - 2010 Bureau

President Thierry Merven
1st Vice President Gansam Boodram
2nd Vice President Denis Pilot 

Rajeeswar Ghoorah                         Hubert Daruty de  Grandprť                  Jack Kong Win Chang                        Jean Raymond Hardy   








Presidents of the past two decades

1989-90 Mr R. NoŽl 1999-2000 Mr L. M. Mungur, CBE

1990-91 Mr H. Ruhee

2000-01 Mr Arnaud Lagesse

1991-92 Mr J. M. Antoine Harel

2001-02 Mr Joseph Vaudin

1992-93 Mr E. Peter G. White

2002-03 Mr Georges Leung Shing

1993-94 Mr Sylvio Marie-Jeanne

2003-04 Mr Cyril Mayer *

1994-95 Mr J. Cyril Lagesse

2004-05 Mr Jean Raymond Hardy

1995-96 Mr N. Basant Rai

2005-06 Mr Christian Foo Kune
1996-97 Mr Arnaud Dalais 2006-07 Mr Denis Pilot
1997-98 Mr H. Espitalier NoŽl 2007-08 Mr Jean Ribet
1998-99 Mr Georges Leung Shing 2008-09 Mr Thierry Merven
 *(link refers to speech of end of term of office)

Council of the Chamber
The President and the members of the Bureau are automatically members of the Council of the Chamber of Agriculture, which is composed of twenty-four members. Its functions are to decide on any question, which may be referred to it by the Bureau, and to settle any dispute between the Chamber and anyone of its members or any other person who makes a claim through any member.

Council members ending their term of office by rotation in 2010                                                              Mr Arnaud Dalais, Mr J.M. Patrick Guimbeau, Mr Jean Raymond Hardy, Mr Jack Kong Win Chang, Mr Arnaud Lagesse, Mr J. Cyril Lagesse, Mr Amal Mungur, Mr Bernard Toulet . 

Council members ending their term of office by rotation in 2011                                                              Mr Kailash Cheekhoree, Mr Jacques d'Unienville, Mr Hector Espitalier Noel, Mr Jacques Forget, Mr Daniel Giraud, Mr Rajeshwar Goorah, Mr Thierry Lagesse, Mr Cyril Mayer 

Council members ending their term of office by rotation in 2012                                                          Mr Premsagar Bholah, Mr Patrick de Labauve díArifat, Mr Roger de Chazal, Mr Eric Espitalier-NoŽl, Mr Denis Lavoipierre,  Mr Thierry Merven, Mr Denis Pilot, Mr Hanraj Ruhee.