EPA Negotiations Update

> EPA Negotiations Update

(posted on 31/12/07)


35 ACP countries sign Interim Economic Parnership Agreements with the EU

The European Commission has published on 18 December 2007 the regulations establishing Economic Partnership Agreements (EPAs) with the ACP countries.

These regulations formalise the EU offer to remove all remaining tariffs and quotas for all exports from the ACP. This will apply from 1 January 2008, with a short transition period for sugar and rice. Hence there will be no trade disruption between the EU and the countries that have signed the EPA, as the legal waiver covering the existing trade arrangements between the ACP and the EU expires on 1 January 2008. The European Commission has initialled interim Economic Partnership Agreements with some countries of SADC, East African Community (EAC), East and Southern Africa (ESA) and key trading partners in the Pacific. These interim agreements cover market access and other areas including development cooperation.

Up to now, 35 out of the 77 ACP countries have initialled the EPA.


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