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MSIRI Sugar Cane Crop Report - Status as at end June



Estimation de la production sucrière

La récolte de cette année s’annonce plutôt bonne avec la canne ayant bénéficié de conditions climatiques très favorables à sa croissance. Il est estimé que la production sucrière se situera autour de 480 000 tonnes. La production de canne est quant à elle estimée à 4,6 millions de tonnes au mininum. [5/6/09]







MSIRI Sugar Cane Crop Report - Status as at end May

Weather during the month of May, being on the overall wet, relatively hot and sunny, has been favourable for growth. Total cane height at the end of May is thus similar to the normal and better than in 2008 by 11.8%.  This is indicative of a better cane productivity in 2009 than in 2008. [4/6/09]


MSIRI Sugar Cane Crop Report - Status as at end March

Weather during March has favoured good elongation in all sectors and has resulted islandwise in the total cane height to exceed that of the 2008 crop and also that of the normal. The overall stand of the 2009 crop is therefore good and is indicative of a normal crop. [3/4/09]

MSIRI Sugar Cane Crop Report - Status as at end February

Weather conditions have on overall been rather favourable for growth and development of the crop, except for the gusts that followed the passage of tropical storm Gael in the vicinity of Mauritius and that resulted in some leaf laceration and lodging in the most advanced fields.  Total height is still exceeding that of 2008 at the same period though it is slightly below the normal. [4/3/09]  


MSIRI Sugar Cane Crop Report - Status as at end January

Overall weather conditions, especially the well-distributed rainfall over the sugarcane areas, have been conducive to growth and development of the crop. Based on the present growth status, a better crop than that of 2008 is expected if no adverse weather conditions are experienced during the remaining part of the crop cycle. [pdf 3/2/09]