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(posted on 30/12/08)

The Statistical Bulletin used to be published in the Annual Report of the Mauritius Chamber of Agriculture. This document is a compilation of figures on the Mauritian economy and on the agricultural sector at large, with emphasis on cane and sugar production, as well as non sugar activities.


The Statistical Bulletin is  now made available on the website of the Chamber and will be regularly updated.




The Chamber gratefully acknowledges the cooperation of the Director of the Central Statistics Office and of Ministries and other public and private institutions which have supplied, or have helped in collecting, the information contained in this Statistical Bulletin.


We are also indebted to all estate managers and other persons and institutions who have helped towards the preparation of the Bulletin.


Conversion factors, Regions and corresponding district, Glossary


Mauritian Economy (pdf file) 

Table 1(i) National Accounts - Main Aggregates 2005-2008

Table 1(ii) Growth rates and ratios - 2005-2008

Table 2 Gross Domestic Product by industry group at current basic prices 2005-2008

Table 3 Gross Domestic Product: sectoral real growth rates (% over previous year) 2005-2008

Table 4 Percentage distribution of Gross Domestic Product by industry group at current basic prices, 2003-2007

Table 5(i) Summary of external trade 2006-2008

Table 6 Imports of main commodities by section 2006-2008 

Table 7 Domestic exports of main commodities by section 2006-2008

Table 8 Share of sugar and molasses exports in domestic exports 2002-2007

Table 9 Sectoral distribution of commercial banks' credit to the private sector 2006-2008

Table 10 Evolution of exchange rates US Dollar - Rupees 2007-2008

Table 11 Evolution of exchange rates Pound Sterling - Rupees 2007-2008

Table 12 Evolution of exchange rates Euro - Rupees 2007-2008

Table 13 Employment by major industrial groups 2007-2007

Meteorology (pdf file) 

Table 14 Rainfall 2007 Crop

Table 15(i) Maximum temperatures 2007 crop

Table 15(ii) Minimum temperature 2007 crop

Cane Production (pdf file)  

Table 16 Area cultivated and harvested by miller-planters and planters 1997-2007

Table 17 Cane production and yield 1997-2007

Table 18 Cane rotation and cane varieties at 30 June 2007 and 2007

Table 19 Area harvested and cane production 2006 and 2007

Table 20(i) Acreage under irrigation, sugar estates and large planters 2004-2007

Table 20(ii) Irrigation systems used by sugar estates and large planters 2003-2007

Table 21 Mechanical harvesting 2007 crop

Table 22 Canes crushed 2006 and 2007

Table 23 Frequency distribution of planters 2006 and 2007

Sugar Production and Sales (pdf file)

Table 24(i) Factory data 1997-2007

Table 24(ii) Factory data 2006 and 2007

Table 25 Factory production 2006 and 2007

Table 26 Sugar produced and sugar accruing 1998-2007

Table 27 Sugar sales crop year 1994-1995 to 2007-2008

Table 28 Sugar exports 1997-2007

Table 29 Mauritius exports to the United States 1983, 1997-2007

Table 30 Exports by destination 2007

Table 31 Disposal of sugar  2004 to 2007 crops

Sugar Prices (pdf file)

Table 32 FOB price and gross domestic proceeds 2004, 2005 and 2006 crops

Table 33 FOBS and local sales proceeds 1994-1995 to 2006-2007

Table 34 Average Ex-Syndicate Prices Crop Year 1994-1995 to 2005-2006

Table 35 Ex-Syndicate prices receivable by producers 2001 to 2006 

By products of the Sugar Industry (pdf file) 

Table 36 Production of bagasse (2007 crop)

Table 37 Molasses production and sales 2006 and 2007 (Tonnes tel quel)

Table 38 Producer price of molasses 1997 to 2007

Table 39 Alcohol and Alcohol Products 2006 and 2007

Non Sugar (pdf file) 

Table 40 Tea, area, production and sales 2006 and 2007

Table 41 Tobacco and cigarettes 2006-2007 and 2007-2008 crops

Table 42 Food crops Area harvested and production 2006-2007

Table 43 Census of animals belonging to members of the Mauritius Meat Producers' Association 2004-2007

Miscellaneous (pdf file)

Table 44 Employment by sugar estates with factories and large sugar cane planters 2006 and 2007

Table 45 Wages in the sugar industry and consumer price indices 1963, 1973, 1983-2007