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1. Final Results [pdf file 30/6/08]

2. Récolte sucrière 2007 - Résultats provisoires.

Selon la Chambre d'Agriculture, le résultat final de 435 972 tonnes de sucre produit est très décevant. Cette production provient de l'usinage de 4 230 629 tonnes de canne au taux d'extraction de 10,31%. [11/1/08]

3. MSIRI Report - Status as at end November

The statistics to-date confirm that the 2007 crop will be below that of last year as a result of lower cane productivities and extraction rates in all sectors of the island as well as the reduction in area harvested. The Crop Estimate Coordinating Committee has thus revised the national production of sugar downwards to 440 000 tonnes.  [full report]

4. MSIRI Report - Status as at end October

The above normal rainfall recorded during October has had an overall negative effect on the 2007 crop.  In the East, South and Centre, availability of soil moisture favoured growth resumption in cane still to be harvested to the detriment of sucrose accumulation.  However, in the North and West, the rainfall had probably helped to maintain sugar productivity.

With no major changes in sugar productivity observed during the past month and expected till the end of the harvest season, a revision of expected sugar production, which will also depend on the area still to be harvested, is at the moment not warranted. [full report]

5. MSIRI Report - Status as at end September

Only a marginal increase has been recorded in sugar productivity during the past month as a result of a slight decrease in cane productivity coupled with an increase in the extraction rate. This trend may be difficult to reverse in light of weather conditions expected to prevail up to the end of this crop season. [full report]

6. L'estimation de la production sucrière est révisée à la baisse à 455,000 tonnes[2/10/07]

7. MSIRI Report - Status as at end August

As at end August 2007, sugar productivity was lagging by about 0.8 TSH compared to 2007; cane productivity and extraction rate were also below that of last year at the same period. However given that indications so far are for a slight increase in cane productivity and an improved extraction rate, the initial estimate of 465 000 tonnes is maintained. [5/9/07]

8. Le Crop Estimate Coordinating Committee maintient l'estimation de la production sucrière à 465,000 tonnes [31/8/07]

9. MSIRI Report - Status as at end July

Apart from the West which has performed exceptionally well during its first week of harvest, sugar productivity in the other sectors has been lower than last year as a result of both a lower cane productivity and a lower extraction rate.  It will be difficult to reverse this performance at least in the coming weeks.  Nevertheless, in the light of available harvest data, the initial estimated production of 465 000 tonnes of sugar can still be achieved. [full report]

10. MSIRI Report - Status as at end June

No recovery of growth can be anticipated in the remaining months to effectively modify the initial estimate of cane production of 4.35 million tonnes.

Sucrose accumulation has been lower than in 2006 and 2001 because of generally unfavourable climatic conditions during June, namely above normal rainfall in four out the five sectors.  It is however comforting that the richesse is still higher than at the corresponding period in 2006 and 2001.  [full report]

11. La production sucrière estimée à 465,000 tonnes

Cette estimation est basée sur l’usinage de 4,35 millions de tonnes de cannes et un taux d’extraction moyen de 10,65%. [7/6/07] lire le communiqué

12. MSIRI Report - Status as at end May

Taking into consideration that the potential sucrose content for cultivated varieties cannot be exceeded, it appears difficult for even a higher extraction rate to fully compensate for the anticipated reduced cane production. Thus the 2007 sugar crop is expected to be lower than that of 2006. [full report]

13. MSIRI Report - Status as at end April

Weather during April has further constrained the already below normal sugar production following cyclone Gamede and the generally non conducive growth conditions that followed the cyclone (...). While slight indications for a better extraction rate exist from the cane analysis data, the poorer cane quality associated with cyclonic years may prevent this from being realized.  It is certain that the sugar production of the 2007 crop will be lower than that of last year.  [full report]

14. MSIRI Report - Status as at end March

The data of March confirmed the observations made at the end of February that the 2007 crop did experience a setback with the passage of cyclone Gamede.  It was also stressed that weather prevailing after the cyclone would be a determining factor on its overall effect.  As the prevailing conditions were unfortunately not conducive to rapid recovery by the sugar cane plant, the present status is a total cane height just below that of 2006 and well below that of the normal.  As lower cane quality and extraction rates are also anticipated, as is usually the case in cyclonic years, the prospects for the 2007 crop at this stage are not promising [full report]

15. MSIRI Report - Status as at end February

Crop 2007 has suffered a setback from cyclone Gamede even if it passed some 250 km from the North West coast of Mauritius. The impact on cane and sugar production cannot be quantified at this stage but could be important in exposed areas considering the very heavy downpours that have accompanied and followed the stormy winds that constantly blew over the island for about 36 hours. The heavy downpours created temporary water logging in most of the fields. A lack of solar radiation has also been experienced.


While it is certain that the 2007 crop has been adversely affected, a better idea will be obtained after assessment of the recovery during March. [full report]


16. Effets du cyclone Gamede sur la campagne - observations préliminaires

La récolte prévue pour l’année 2007 est dans une certaine mesure déjà compromise. La richesse de la canne, et donc son taux de sucre, sera directement affectée suite à l’effort attendu de la plante pour se ressaisir.  [lire le communiqué]

17. MSIRI Report - Status as at end January

Weather during January has been conducive to cane growth in the East, South, West and Centre, and to a lesser degree in the North because of the uneven rainfall distribution.  [full report]

18. MSIRI Report - Status as at end December 06

Initial measurements of stalk height indicate that, in spite of the dry spell experienced in December, cane development had not been unduly affected at that period being comparable to the normal. [full report]